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24 HR Alarm Monitoring for your System.

You can’t monitor your home 24/7. But we can. Titanium Security offer 24 hr Monitoring for your home. Get round-the-clock protection and peace of mind with a monitored alarm. Having an alarm professionally installed can allow you access to a range of monitoring services, which means that if an intruder gains access to your property, or fire starts, your alarm will not be ignored even if you’re not around to hear it yourself. Having your Security System Monitored gives you the comfort and safety of knowing when your Alarm System has been activated.

Businesses can also be contacted if the premises is not armed by a certain time that night, just in case the last person to leave forgot to arm the system – By assigning your employees different codes, you can track who and when your system is being armed (closing) and disarming (opening).
Information can be provided of employees entering at odd times.  This information can aid loss prevention attributed by employees.
A tip to remember: If you are thinking of installing a Monitored Alarm System to your home, you might be eligible to receive a discount from your insurance company, usually10-20% of your yearly charge!

How does alarm monitoring work?

In a monitored alarm system, your intruder alarm is connected to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), which can respond in a number of ways, including getting in touch with the emergency services provided they can verify that the alarm has been genuinely triggered.

If you require the police or fire service to attend when your alarm goes off, you will need your alarm to incorporate a remote monitoring service vetted by a third party.

The emergency services will only respond to alarm systems that meet current regulations. In brief, these state that 2 detection devices of independent technology must confirm an alarm signal. All signals must pass via a monitoring station in order for your

Unique Reference Number to be passed on to the police control room.

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